Headshot Glen HillGlen Hill – CEO
Glen is a healthcare IT executive. He has a legal and engineering background, which he combines in business to drive outcomes by using proven approaches to governance, risk management, and operational excellence. His core competencies include enterprise problem resolution, risk management, marketing & sales, and privacy & security expertise.


Milind Patel – Founder

Milind is a Philadelphia-area physician who is passionate about utilizing technology to overcome today’s health issues. Milind has an M.D. & an M.B.A. and currently practices medicine in the University of Pennsylvania Health System. He has become active in quality improvement projects leading to improved patient outcomes. His clinical area of interests include Pain Management and impacts on Sleep.


Headshot Chirag PatelChirag (Charlie) Patel – CTO
Chirag is a young entrepreneur focused in commercial real estate primarily in Northern Delaware. He has an M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Information Systems. He truly embodies entrepreneurship & believes that technology can be used to solve complex problems.



Det Ansinn – DevHeadshot Det Ansinnelopment Partner
Founder and President of BrickSimple LLC

Det has been writing software for more than 30 years with almost 20 years applying his expertise as a serial entrepreneur. Det founded BrickSimple in 2002 to create a software development company with a focus on and commitment to innovation.